Eugene landscaping services

At Cutting Edge Landscape we provide a wide range of landscaping services in Eugene Oregon and surrounding areas. From small fall clean up projects to custom water features, stone walls, paver or natural stone pathways and much more.

If you have any questions or would like an estimate on the cost of any of our services, call us or submit our online estimate form. We will quickly reply with service costs, amount of time, and when we can start your project.

If there is a landscaping service not listed below don’t hesitate to call us and ask if we do it. For example, we do Eugene Lawn Aeration, not listed below, which is a popular landscaping service in Eugene on an annual or semi annual basis.


Eugene landscape renovations
Transform your yard with a new look.

A landscape evolves and matures over time. Trees grow up, plants can get overgrown and One of our most popular services at Cutting Edge Landscape is landscape renovations. Our team will assess your yard and develop a revised and updated landscape plan that builds on your existing elements. Sometimes our landscape renovations are as simple as removing existing in overgrown plants and replacing them with fresh any under plant material. In this case, often times if you have an existing irrigation system, we can modify and work with it to keep cost down. If lawns or hardscape are added, often irrigation will need to be modified as well. Irrigation technology has evolved substantially in the last decade so if you have an older system, it might be worth considering an upgrade as part of your renovation. Landscape renovations can add significant value to the property. Allow our experts to assess your yard and maximize its potential.

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Eugene landscape maintenance
Peace of mind, quality of life.

Of the last several years Cutting Edge has established a terrific landscape maintenance division. Our crews are held to the highest standards in the industry. They are well-paid, hugely appreciated and are some of the best in the business. We have several systems in place that ensure that the crew is accountable and you are also charged fairly for the services. All of our services and contracts are designed to be inclusive. We feel that if you are paying a company to maintain your property, you do not want to worry about all of the different elements. We include irrigation winterization and turn on as a standard service with all of our maintenance packages. We generally want your yard to stand out and for you to be happy with the service.

Client communication and follow up is something that we take very seriously. Our guys have all the equipment and materials and support that they need to ensure that your yard or business is well-maintained. We provide a proactive approach to bug treatment, fertilizing and in utilizing pre-emergent weed treatments. Although we may not be the least expensive landscape company in town, we really do believe that we are one of the best. We believe in paying a fair living wage for the employees that serve our clients day in and day out. If there is an issue or a question regarding the maintenance that our clients are receiving, we make every effort to swiftly address the problem and/or offer an explanation. Let us take care of your property or yard so that you can relax in your free time.

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OUTDOOR LIVING Kick Back Under the Sun

Eugene outdoor living
Your outdoor lounging canvas.

Cutting Edge over the past 20 years we have become experts at designing outdoor living spaces. In the Northwest, obviously we have a substantial amount of rain and cooler weather. A well-designed outdoor space can likely become one of your favorite places. Relaxing after a long day at work under your outdoor heaters, with the sound of a nearby water feature and cold drinks within an arms reach. We factor in how you will use the space as well as the best way to integrate the wide variety of components. A covered structure or covered patio in close proximity to the house add significant usable square footage and often will become the gathering place for friends and guests. We design and install a wide range of outdoor living spaces. From a simple bar with micro fridge to a full-fledged outdoor kitchen complete with pizza oven, warming drawers, wine coolers, tv & stereo, sink and garbage disposal. We collaborate with local contractors in designing and implementing any electrical, plumbing or gas modifications. Our subcontractors are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive top service at a very reasonable rate. We primarily do not mark up our subcontractors cost unless they require excess of attention and supervision.

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PAVERS & FLAGSTONE Walkways, Paths, Patios

Eugene pavers and flagstone
Pathways and patio construction using paver and stone materials.

As one of Eugene’s premier hardscape installers, we are experts at evaluating the best hardscape for your home in budget. We take a lot of pride in making sure you understand the benefits and drawbacks to each of the materials as well as an expectation of you will need to take care of them to keep them looking their best. Materials and design are continually evolving as the industry progresses. We are aware of new products and techniques as soon as they enter the marketplace.  We have a keen eye for detail and employee skilled employees that take pride in their work and understand how important our customers are.

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IRRIGATION Sprinkler Systems

Eugene landscape irrigation
Professional irrigation/sprinkler systems from design to installation

Irrigation Systems are relatively complicated and unique to each installer. Troubleshooting leaks and irrigation issues requires a high level of understanding and consideration. Our irrigation technicians understand that Each system is unique and requires an open mind and strong sense of logic. A great way to Reduce the likelihood of irrigation issues is to have your system regularly serviced. This involves a technician coming out to your property and going through your system zone by zone.

After initial assessment and a valuation, often we can provide a general estimate on the cost to upgrade or modify the system. Sometimes this is as simple as replacing a few new sprinkler nozzles. Other times it is more involved and can require more in depth attention. We understand that water can be expensive and we genuinely try to reduce waste and make your system as efficient as possible. Typically our irrigation service and troubleshooting Is billed on a “time and material basis”. The reason for this is that each system is so unique that it is very difficult to put a firm price on the cost to repair. Often we will provide a ball park or “not to exceed”  budget amount so that everyone can be on the same page.

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RETAINING WALLS Design and Construction

Eugene retaining walls
Basalt boulder retaining wall.

Our team has as expert knowledge of retaining walls and current professional methods of installation. We evaluate the purpose or goal of the retaining wall as well as the aesthetic look and our customers budget. There’s a wide range of materials and installation methods. In the event that you need a larger more complicated wall, we have several local engineers that we work with that can assist with structural design. Our walls are built to last and we take a lot of pride in doing them right the first time.

One of the components we always consider with the retaining walls is drainage. We want to be sure that your wall will be able to accommodate water flow and drainage. Proper drainage behind the retaining wall helps ensure its longevity as well as reduces the likelihood of erosion.

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ACCENT LIGHTING Enhance Your Yard at Night

Eugene landscape accent lighting
Accent lighting in low voltage or solar lights enhance your yard at night.

With the introduction and availability of outdoor rated LED light fixtures, landscape lighting as one of our favorite things. In the Northwest, our fall and winter months have a substantial amount of darkness. After many of our clients leave early in the morning for work and get home in the dark. We take a lot of pride in understanding and evaluating how to make your yard and landscape glow when the sun goes down. Often installation can happen in a few days. We typically design all of our systems to have the potential to add additional lights and easily expand.

It is quite common for our customers to love their landscape lighting so much that they want to add additional fixtures. Many of our lighting systems can integrate with smart controls so that you can turn your lights on with a touch of a button from your phone. Our lighting systems also provide additional security and increase visibility for walkways etc after the sun goes down. We consider how you will use the space, which direction the lights need to be pointed in many other factors when designing your lighting system. Landscape lighting is a wonderful addition and investments are you yard so that you’re able to enjoy it throughout the day and seasons.

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WATER FEATURES Water Falls, Streams, Ponds

Eugene water features
High quality water features, with low maintenance. Ponds, water falls and more.

A water feature adds a significant element to any landscape. They promote wildlife activity as well as relaxing sound and visual interest. From a simple bubbler, to a large hillside waterfall, our  water features are amazing. Put a lot of effort in making sure that they are designed for longevity and ease of maintenance. We understand that they all lose water due to evaporation. Therefore all of our features come with a strong recommendation of an auto-fill.

The auto-fill works just like a  dedicated sprinkler zone to fill up the water feature to its desired height each day. We don’t want our customers to have to get out the hose and hassle with filling up the pond. In addition to an auto-fill some of the other features we can offer include UV lights, skimmers and pump housings, bio filters and aeration systems. All of our features also include the ability to adjust the water flow and intern adjust the sound and visual interest. We learned a lot over the years and we really try to make sure our clients are educated and understand the maintenance implications as well as what to expect as the pond ages.

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DECKS & FENCES Custom Built for Longevity

Eugene decks and fences
Custom decks & fences in various materials.

Our custom decks and fences are designed for aesthetic appeal and longevity. We have an extensive knowledge of construction methods and techniques that will ensure that your project withstands the test of time. Choose from a variety of materials including cedar, composite (Trex) or powder-coated metal.

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