Eugene Landscaping Services

At Cutting Edge Landscape we provide a wide range of landscaping services in Eugene Oregon and surrounding areas. From small fall clean up
projects to custom water features, stone walls, paver or natural stone pathways and much more.

Renovations, Irrigation, Maintenance, Water Features, Pavers & Flagstone,
Retaining Walls
, Drainage Solutions, Accent lighting, Decks & Fences

If you have any questions or would like an estimate on the cost of any of our services, call us or submit our online estimate form. We will quickly reply with service costs, amount of time, and when we can start your project. If there is a landscaping service not listed below don't hesitate to call us and ask if we do it. For example, we do Eugene Lawn Aeration, not listed below, which is a popular landscaping service in Eugene on an annual or semi annual basis.

landscape renovationsTransform your yard with a new look.

RENOVATIONS - Upgrade Your Yard

Over the past 10+ years Cutting Edge Landscape has been involved in hundreds of landscape renovations. From large scale “clean slate” projects, to small accent plantings and pathways. The goal of our initial consultation is to establish the scope of the renovation in terms of what the client would like to see as a finished product. We take into account many factors such as budget, future maintenance & how the space is used. With many renovations, we often need to break the project down into phases. We are experts at evaluating the project as a whole and helping the client determine which phases of the project need to happen to create the ideal progression.

eugene irrigation contractorsProfessional irrigation/sprinkler systems from design to installation

IRRIGATION - Sprinkler Systems

A well designed and efficient irrigation system is an integral component to a healthy landscape. Landscape irrigation technology is continually evolving in an effort to increase efficiency & versatility. We have expert knowledge of industry leading technology and installation methods. When designing our irrigation systems we not only consider water efficiency, we also take into account how the landscape will mature. This requires a clear understanding of plants and plant growth characteristics. All of our systems are custom designed & require very little upkeep and maintenance.

eugene landscape maintenanceWeekly, Monthly, and one time complete yard maintenance

LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE - Weekly, Monthly, One Time

With over 70 monthly maintenance clients, our maintenance crew knows what it takes to keep your yard looking excellent. With an extensive knowledge of proper fertilization & soil amendments, we can ensure that your plants and lawn are healthy and well cared for. We offer a wide range of maintenance services that are individually tailored to you property and budget.

eugene water featuresHigh quality water features, with low maintenance. Ponds, water falls and more.

WATER FEATURES - Water Falls, Streams, Ponds

The sound of water in a garden or entry is truly exceptional. It brings another element into play that can take a space to the next level. As a result of constructing and maintaining dozens of water features, we know that many people are concerned about maintenance. Our custom water features are designed to be very low maintenance and exceptionally designed to ensure longevity. If you are interested in having a water feature at your home or business, contact us to set up a free consultation.

View Water Feature images in our Portfolio.

eugene path constructionPathways and patio construction using paver and stone materials.

PAVERS & FLAGSTONE - Walkways, Paths, Patios

Are you tired of cracked concrete? Or do you just want something a little more interesting for your patio or walkway? We are pleased to offer paver choices from five different manufactures each with unique characteristics and color schemes. If you are interested in a more natural approach, we can construct your patio or walkway out of natural flagstone. A well built flagstone patio or walkway can certainly take your landscape to another level. Choose from dozens of varieties of stone & let us do the heavy lifting. Take a closer look at Our Portfolio to see some of our past work.

View Patio and Pathway images in our Portfolio.

retaining wall constructionRetaining Wall constructed from basalt boulders.

RETAINING WALLS - Design and Construction

Our retaining walls are designed to withstand the test of time. We have expert knowledge of all forms of wall construction. Choose from a variety of materials ranging from basalt boulders, pre-cast concrete, poured concrete or wood construction. Though most walls are built out of necessity, we can make yours something that you can truly be proud of.

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eugene drainage solutionsWe have many drainage solutions for standing water in your yard

DRAINAGE SOLUTIONS - Remove Standing Water

We love to solve problems, especially if they in your yard. Weather it be an old french drain that doesn't seem to work, or a boggy lawn, allow us to evaluate the site and come up with a solution. We install a wide range of catch basins, sub-pumps, drainage swales, french drains and drain lines in an effort to re-route water. In addition to the immediate goal of re-routing water, we also make sure that each solution is aesthetically pleasing. After solving dozens of drainage problems in the landscape, we are your local experts.

eugene landscape lightingAccent lighting in low voltage or solar lights enhance your yard at night.

ACCENT LIGHTING - Enhance Your Yard at Night

As the sun goes down, your yard can continue to shine. Trees, shrubs and pathways come to life when they are highlighted with accent lighting. Choose from either low voltage or solar powered lights to enhance your yard at night. We are very excited to now offer our clients LED technology for our landscape lighting installations. Though the up front cost is slightly more, the long term payoff in energy usage and maintenance is unparalleled. Many existing lighting systems can be converted to LED. Set up a free accent lighting consultation with Cutting Edge to learn more about your options.

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eugene fencing contractorsCustom decks and fences in a variety of materials.

DECKS & FENCES - Custom Built for Longevity

Our custom decks and fences are designed for aesthetic appeal and longevity. We have an extensive knowledge of construction methods and techniques that will ensure that your project withstands the test of time. Choose from a variety of materials including cedar, composite (Trex) or powder-coated metal.

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